Morning Routine (2/25)

Morning Routine | Risk The RewardA collection of articles that have caught my eye. 

We All Need To Speak More Human – B2B and B2C types of segmentation is antiquated, stale and impersonal. It’s time to view you business in a more human to human way. 

Olympic Timekeeping – How the art of timekeeping has innovated over the years. 

40 Years of Cellphones – What does it say when you get nostalgic over cellphones?

Try Doing This Before Changing the World – One of the greatest hallmarks of entrepreneurs is their knack for disrupting the status quo. Here are a few ideas to try before changing the game. I especially like #4. 

“Got Milk” Retired – Goodbye “Got Milk.” Hello, “Milk Life.” I don’t know what to say. We’ll all have opinions about this one. 

Beard and Moustache Championships in Austin – Sure, SXSW, X Games and Formula 1 are great. But, this is the best thing to happen to Austin.

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